Watch Winder Box – the Best Product Picks in 2019

Best Watch Winder Box

Contrary to public opinion, collecting automatic watch can be very tricky. This is because the item is not only considered as an accessory but it has been categorized jewelry. The improper treatment given to the device will damage its fine look. Also, the will soon slow down and stop if you do not store it properly. In this way, a watch winder box is needed and here are some best products you can find in the market.

#5. Rapport London Perpetua II

The product comes with a leather-bound that will be perfect the most to store your precious automatic watch. This high-end jewelry box is a single watch winder that will fit small collections. Being made of walnut and velvet, this box has a fine look. The features offered by this product is a lid stops dust, small footprint, choice of fast or timed-wind modes, and battery powered.

#4. Rapport Duo with Carbon Fire

This double watch winder comes with modern settings that considered to be the best in its class. Being made of carbon fiber and aluminum, the product does not only offer a beautiful contemporary look but also durability. The double beveled glass panels combined with grey velvet interior makes this box looks luxurious. The modern setting applied will allow you to control the winder individually for the independent needs of each watch.

#3. Wolf Club Single

The next best product in the list is Wolf Club Single that made from luxury leather. Featuring a glass cover and Saffiano finish, you can keep dust away from the product easily. There are a number of color options available include the stunning dark-green. The box is also finished with chrome hardware to ensure durability.

#2. Barrington Single Winder

This winder comes with a sophisticated and sleek design that will look perfect for all your automatic watch collections. The winder is also completed with modern settings to allow direct rotation. There is also a Japanese motor inside the winder to allow it rotates almost silently. You can also use two AA batteries or a main plug to power the box.

#1. Smythson Grosvenor Rotary

This product is considered to be the best watch winder box in the market now. One of the best things about the watch winder is that it comes with extra storage to allow you to keep more than a single automatic watch inside. You can also use the extra compartments to keep jewelry or other small valuables. The product is also supported with removable Swiss-made rotators.

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