Two Misconceptions about Automatic Watch Winder

Best watch winder

For people who have more than one automatic watch, having an automatic best watch winder for each of their watches is often necessary because the winder keeps the idle watches alive when not worn. However, there are some people who think that a best watch winder is unnecessary and even dangerous to their watch. Their opinions are usually based on the following two misconceptions.

A best watch winder may reduce the watch’s service life.

A watch consists of tiny mechanical components. Many people believe that if those components are constantly operating for a full 24-hour period, the watch’s service life will be reduced. This misconception is so common that many automatic watch owners prefer leaving their watch died when not used to allowing a watch winder to keep it alive. The real fact is that an automatic watch winder will not damage your watch. Most, if not all, watches are designed to operate continuously. Some manufacturers dare to offer 20 years of warranty because a watch is so durable that keeping it alive all the time will do no harm to it.

A watch winder may over-wind the watch.

Another common misconception about a watch winder is that it may cause the watch to be over-wound. All automatic watches include a fail-safe mechanism that prevents over-winding, so if you leave your watch idle for a few days, leaving it on a best watch winder will not cause harm to it.

However, it is also important to understand that the fail-safe mechanism may wear out eventually, depending on the quality of the watch. Therefore, if you don’t plan to wear your watch for weeks or months, it is advisable that you put it in its box instead of on an automatic best watch winder. When you are ready to wear it, don’t forget to check the watch for oil pooling before you reset the watch.

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