Part-time work for international that study in Germany

Study in Germany for Indonesian

Do you wonder to work option while you are studying in Germany as international students?  The international student in Germany is allowed to work up as part-time employment along with their studies in Germany. If you consider working while study in Germany for Indonesian, there are things you need to know.

Regulation laws of part-time students jobs

  •    The international students are able to work a total 120 full or 240 half days in a year as a student. This can be varying from the regions. For example, if the university in place in a city where has a high unemployment rate, then you just get a permit for more than 120 days.
  •    In general, the university norm, a student is not allowed to work for more than 20 hours a week during a term. In the other side, a student can take full-time work while they’re on holiday.
  •    The work permit is issued and the foreigner authority is needed. The permit will tell the details from the maximum limit of hour, student can take the work time.
  •    Taxation is other issues. The student that earning less than 450 euros months do not need to pay tax/social security contribution. Indeed, if a student works less than 50 days continuous days over the period of a year they are exempted well.  
  •    Work for more than 20 hours a week is not advised. This not only against the university rule but also working more than this limit will make student should pay health insurance.
  •    Always comply with Federal laws is important. If a student found floating with them, they can be expelled from the country. Therefore, always check in the place, and conform to the rules and permit you to get from the place.
  •    For a student that takes a preparatory course or language course, the rules will tighter. For example, they are only allowed to work during the lecture-free period and only with explicit permission to do so from their foreign authority.
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