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Health is Wealth

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Health is wealth. The meaning of that is two-fold: you spend to stay healthy, but you spend even more when you get sick. It’s just logical that if you want to spend less, it’s best to invest in your health before sickness comes knocking at your door.

But how do you avail of medications without breaking the bank? Over-the-counter drugs nowadays are so expensive. There are discount coupons and promos you can avail of, of course. There are also health memberships, such as Walgreens Prescription Savings Club, that allows you to buy prescription drugs at discounted prices.

A family membership will cost $10. Coverage will include you, your partner (spouse), and dependents – as long as they are 22 years old and younger. And by “dependents”, I also mean all your beloved pets. Now, even your cats and dogs will have health coverage!

If you’re flying solo, you will pay $5 for a yearly membership. Walgreens has over 8000 drugs, generic and even those with brand names. They also give discounts on health supplies for asthmatics and diabetics. Bonuses also apply when you buy from their own Walgreens branded products, including their photofinishing services.

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