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Pogi Points: October 2011


Pogi Points: October 2011

October has been a busy month for me, but for all the readers of my website I will share some of the basic moves in order to achieve Pogi-ness!

1. Kung hindi mo alam ang sasabihin mo sa crush mo, mag-smile ka lang para wala kang sasabihing kapalpakan na ikaka-turn off niya!

2. Kung maganda ang usapan niyo kanina, after 3 days ka ulit tumawag para pa-mysterious effect. Mas maiintriga na sayo ang nililigawan mo, siya pa ang magpa-pansin sayo!

3. Huwag ka masyadong text ng text sa nililigawan mo, hayaan mong ma-miss ka niya para siya ang unang magte-text.

4. Kung may bagyo, kumustahin mo ang nililigawan mo. Hindi pwedeng pa-text text lang... Tawagan mo, o kaya dalawin mo sa bahay at dalhan mo ng pagkain. Magdala ka din ng payong, para hindi ka mukhang basang sisiw pagdating mo sa kanila!

Pogi Pointers: Ang mga pogi... gentleman!

Ring, Ring, Ring


This post brought to you by Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.

I cannot imagine living abroad where texting and calling can be quite expensive. For instance, you have to pay when you answer an incoming call in the United States, something that is actually free in other countries.

But I heard of Net 10 Unlimited Plan, which gives you unlimited internet, calls and text messaging for a monthly fee of $50. In our country, that amounts to about the same deal of unlimited access to the internet plus texts and calls – and given the cost of living in the United States, Net 10 Unlimited Plan must be well worth it.

Just like unlimited deals in our country, Net10 Unlimited does not require any additional fees or bills. Credit checks and contracts are not necessary, either. And if you also value your phones aside from your network provider, Net10 is something to check out because it partners only with well-known mobile phone companies, such as Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, and LG.

Given my line of work, I have to keep in touch with a lot of people. Calling and texting is part of my daily routine. I can imagine how useful an unlimited plan will be if I lived in the United States, especially if I own a business.

A Real NET10 customer can benefit from monthly plans as well. They have an Easy Minutes Plus plan that counts your call minutes and charges $15 per 200 call minutes. The Pay-As-You-Go package allows your call minutes to carry over with any active service you avail. These monthly plans allow for unlimited internet use, texts, and calls at $50 per month. Of course, you can try a different plan every month and see for yourself which plan suits you best.

To activate these packages, you can purchase them from your favorite store, from the web, or from your mobile. To avail of Net10 phones, you can choose from their most simple ones at $15 or less, or go for smart phones that cost less than $40. QWERTY mobile phones and other more sophisticated gadgets can cost about $60 or less.

In case you want to call overseas, the rate is at $0.15 for every call minute from the U.S. to seventy-five other countries. In Mexico and Canada, they have an international neighbors program that allows you to get a specific phone number where everyone can reach you via your NET10 cel number.

You can check out the Net10 unlimited plan by visiting You can also check this video on What Rob has to say.

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Internet Nostalgia


My very first website was zhanmou(dot)co(dot)nr which I designed using Dreamweaver, I was in Malaysia the whole 2006 and I was quite bored so I tried to experiment on creating my own website so I can upload my photos and artworks.  Year 2007 was the time I bought stanleychi(dot)com, it is a Flash based website created by Michael Apeles.

I was always on Friendster and Multiply, but I’m not very familiar with web hosting, domain names and internet stuff.  I rarely update my website and after 2 years my (dot) com name expired I was too busy to even renew my domain name and to cut the long story short, cyber squatters got my website name and I was forced to use (dot) net. 

I really wished all the web hosting companies would provide the basics about making your own website, flyers, promotional coupons, or free seminars would help back then.  But now everything is online, you can learn a lot when you search it on Google or Youtube and almost everyone knows about the internet, web hosting, and how to create your own website.

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Suplado Tips 2


This December 2011, the much awaited sequel of my book Suplado Tips will be published by Psicom.  Here’s the cover for Suplado Tips book 2:

Suplado Tips 2

Book 2 includes more than just Suplado Tips & Supladong hirits.  It also features Suplado Stories from your favorite authors and celebrities, some of the contributors of Suplado Stories are Ramon Bautista, Tado Jimenez, Angel Rivero, Kiko Ansing, William Rodriguez, Sharron Navera, and Klitorika.

This will be the best Suplado Christmas gift a person can receive. 

Ang suplado simple lang, pero malakas ang dating! 

Azkals and Volcanoes


I noticed that football and rugby is getting popular in the Philippines and most of the players are foreigners, it’s good to know that Filipinos are doing well in these sports.  Well most of the players are even popular endorsers for different brands like the Azkalz’ Phil and James Younghusband.  Personally, I think that the brands should produce promotional coupons and discount vouchers for the product that these athletes endorse to create awareness to the masses.  I bet that 2 out of 10 Pinoys know the sports football and rugby, because this is still a basketball crazy country.  Even if there’s an Nba lockout, the typical pinoy would still recognize Lebron James over the entire team of the Azkals and the Volcanoes.  Most of us know Jaworski and the Ginebra players of the PBA and every street that you go, there is always a basketball court nearby.   

The advantage of football and rugby over basketball in the Philippines is that you can’t teach height, so there’s more hope for the Azkals and the Volcanoes winning in competitions abroad, than a basketball gold medal in the olympic games. 

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Suplado Watch


Suplado Watch

Oras na para maging suplado.  The Suplado watch is now available at all leading Unisilver-Time outlets nationwide for only 1,595 pesos,  Available colors are Black and White.  Here are some photos of the Suplado watch:Suplado Watch

Suplado Watch

Suplado Watch

Suplado Watch

Suplado is the new sexy, especially when your wearing the Suplado watch!

Coming Soon


After the success of Suplado Tips, comes another humor book that will be a staple in everyone’s collection.  This Valentine’s 2012 prepare to be awesome!

Pogi Points

Hindi mo kailangang maging mayaman para magustuhan ka ng mga chicks!

Pinoy Comics that should be published


Comic strip compilations are a staple if you are a cartoonist these days, back then book compilations are a bit scarce.  Based on my observations, there are a lot more pinoy comic strips that should be compiled into a book. 

These comics were part of my growing up years during the time when there was no internet or playstation games.

Here are my top 3 pinoy comic strips that deserves to be in the humor section of all bookstores nationwide:

1. Larry Alcala’s Slice of Life

Comic strips that should be published

The maestro, Mang Larry’s Sunday comics is going to be an instant hit among the readers young and old, it’s also gonna be nostalgic for people who grew up looking for Mang Larry’s caricature every Sunday.

2. Asiong Aksaya

Comic strips that should be published

Another Larry Alcala classic, Asiong Aksaya is an informative and funny comic strip that educates readers on saving money.  Mang Larry’s energy saving tips will never get old.

3. Planet Opdi Eyps

Comic strips that should be published

Everyone grew up reading Funny Komiks knows Bardagul & Matsutsu.  Roni Santiago’s classic comic strips is a staple in our weekly reading habit during our younger years.

I hope that the publishers would like to consider compiling these comics into a book, so that the younger generations would be able to appreciate these classic pinoy comics. 

Suplado Story #6

Suplado Story #6

Walang Utang na loob!

May mga pagkakataong darating sa buhay natin na tutulong tayo sa kapwa , o kaya naman ay makikilala mo ang isang tao na matutulungan mo pala pag dating ng araw.  Tulad nalang ng dati kong nakilala sa trabaho, tawagin natin siyang si Mr. Utang.
Si Mr. Utang ay may kaya, medyo may kayabangan, at credit-grabber.  Ngunit pilit kong inintindi ang ugali niya.
Nung minsan ay lumapit sa akin si Mr. Utang at humingi siya ng tulong sa akin sa isang project na hindi niya kayang gawin, muntik na siyang sumabit sa trabaho at malapit nang buminggo sa boss namin.  Kaya naman nag-overtime ako at nagpuyat para matulungan ang aking ka-opisina. 
Kina-umagahan ay  natapos na ang presentation at na-approve ang project ni Mr. Utang.  Pinuri siya ng boss namin at natuwa ang client namin sa kanya.  Sabi ni boss “Good job Mr. Utang, ikaw lang ba ang nagpuyat para sa presentation?”  Humirit si Mr. Utang ng, “Yes sir, ako lang po.”  Nagulat ako sa sinabi niya, pinalipas ko lang pero sa isip ko, “Langhiya ka, matapos kitang tulungan yan pa ang ihihirit mo sa harapan ko!”
Pagkalipas ng ilang araw may bagong presentation na kailangang tapusin si Mr. Utang, as usual sasabit nanaman ang loko at humingi ng tulong sa akin.  Hindi ako nakapag-pigil at hiniritan ko siya ng, “Kayang kaya mo namang tapusin lahat ng deadlines mag-isa eh, bakit ka pa humihingi ng tulong?”  Sabay walk out!  Narinig ng boss namin at sinabing “Oo nga naman Mr. Utang, kayang kaya mo yan!”
Nagpuyat si Mr. Utang pero hindi niya natapos ang presentation, napahiya siya sa boss at sa client namin at makalipas ang ilang araw ay wala na ang kanyang mga gamit sa kanyang cubicle.  Hindi ko na rin siya nakitang pumasok sa opsina namin.


Huwag maging credit-grabber,  Dahil mabubuking ka din!