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What is the meaning of SUPLADO?

SUPLADO is the tagalog word for Snobbish. Suplado is for male and Suplada is for the opposite sex its not exactly the direct translation of Suplado but this attitude is widely used in tv, comics, and movies.  I shall give you examples of characters who are Suplado so that you may understand its meaning:


Batman - He is the most Suplado character in DC Comics, back then during the 60’s Bruce Wayne is a bit campy but thanks to Frank Miller he became DC Comics’ most popular character because of his Suplado attitude towards fellow superheroes and villains.  Have you ever wondered why he suddenly disappears in the middle of his conversations with Commissioner Gordon?  That’s because he’s Suplado!


The Hulk -  Bruce Banner wants to be left alone.  All incarnations of this monster in comics Green, Grey, Red, and even the Lou Ferrigno tv series of the Hulk has one common trait and that is being Suplado.  If you don’t believe me try to remember what happens everytime people don’t take his famous catchphrase seriously … “Don’t make me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry!”


Daffy Duck – A wild and zany screwball, Daffy was Warner bros. most popular character even before Bugs Bunny, he’s the king of parody in the animation world because of Duck Dodgers, Stupor Duck, Duck Twacy, and Robin Hood Daffy.  Do you know that at one time he became a Green Lantern in one episode of Duck Dodgers?  If not then Daffy has more reason to say his most popular catchphrase “You’re Despicable!”  


Stone Cold Steve Austin – WWE’s most popular superstar during the late 90’s attitude era, Austin traded his Ric Flair like persona Stunning Steve Austin for a more Suplado character that includes giving your boss the finger when he pisses you off, and a Stone cold stunner!   Austin 3:16 became a household name with multiple WWE Championships under his belt, movies, and a hall of fame ring  the Tough Enough host must be so thankful that he became Suplado, and that’s the bottomline!


The Rock – Another WWE superstar who became Suplado after having a bad gimmick, and guess what happened after that? The people’s champ became the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.  Dwayne Johnson couldn’t be happier after having WWE Championship belts, and a movie career in Hollywood that other wrestlers envy so much.  But It doesn’t matter what they think anyway! 


Stanley Chi – The Philippines’ Mr. Suplado, judging from the picture of the Suplado Tips author, he doesn’t even want to have his picture taken.  How Suplado can you get!

Suplado is the new Sexy!

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Sir-Bis-ü said...

Suplado is the New Sexy! 'kaw na! Suplado ka e, may pagkasuplado din pala yung term na yun noh? Edi ikaw na! da best ka e!

Julius Elloraza said...

eh suplado pala si batman dpat may suplado din na kamen rider.(dapat ako yun mwhahahahah lol)

stanleychi said...

@ Sir-Bis-ü: Salamat... Che! :)
@ Julius: Ikaw si Kamen Rider Che! :)

Willie said...

Wala pang WWE hall of fame ring si The Rock. Lolo at tatay lng niya meron and he inducted them.

stanleychi said...

@ Willie: Oo nga pala thanks sa correction :)

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